Self-portraits – saying many things!

1951 – age 13-14
1957 – age 20. Oils on the rough side of hardboard.
An attempt at a serious painting.
about 1965 -age 28. Acryic wash and felt pen on paper
“Who is that hansom man?” said Isobel, jokingly. “Me,” I replied, inocently, “just trying something out.”
2007 – age 69. Oil-pastel and acrylic on watercolour board.
I wondered what I looked like, so faced the truth!

Time for a fresh examination?

My family. (long-suffering?)

1951 – Mother.
1951 – Joanna
1951 – Helen.
c1956 – Father
done with a little box of about 10 pastels
c1956 – Helen, age 13
c1957 – Helen, age 13
oils on smooth hardboard
1959 – Helen age 14
oils on the rough side of hardboard filled with thin polyfilla and primed with good white emulsion.
A technique I often used.
1960 – Helen aged 15
oils, as above.
1959 – Joanna, age 11
1964 – Joanna, age 15
oils on filled hardboard
1967 – Mother
oil-pastel and acrylic wash on watercolour board.

A selection of the work done in evening classes c1956 onwards

And other friends and relations!

1967 – Jessie
oil-pastel and acrylic wash
1977 – Judy
acrylic wash and oil-pastel
c1960 – Bronwen
oils on filled hardboard
1970 – a young couple who spent a year in Liverpool, what were their names?
oils on filled hardboard
1966 – Ruth
acrylic wash and black felt pen
1966 – Julie
acrylic wash
1966 – Robert
acrylic wash and black felt pen
1959 – Ruth
1963 – Ralph Hetherington
oils on filled hardboard

The End – for now

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